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2012-05-19 05:30 pm

How do I Dreamwidth

Aaaaaaaaagh, okay. Just post an entry. This doesn't seem too hard. So far so good.

Yo! I'm Haley and I'll be joining team Aradia<>Dave for the Homestuck Shipping Olympics! uwu

...The heck else am I supposed to put? Hrm.

Feel free to hit me up about whatever. I'm kind of awkward with new people(Which you're probably figuring out right about now), but. Yeah. No promises I'll be any less dorky over the summer. ;u;''

Also if you need anyone to spazz about Pokemon or something with, I'm your girl. <3
Black and White 2! Uuuugh it's beautiful. So beautiful.

Just. Gonna stop right now before there's like a 30 paragraph essay over everything Pokemon related.

I wonder if this would be an appropriate place to write drabbles...?